Two Beach Houses both for $299,999US
Salinas Grandes; Leon Nicaragua

Casa 1

Located directly on the beach within steps of a ceramic patio and rancho overlooking the beach and ocean.

Casa 2

Located directly beside Casa 1 just a few more steps to the beach and rancho.

Two Level Yoga Rancho

With a balcony over the beach take in amazing views, spectacular evening sunsets and the sounds of breaking waves and ocean breezes.

Spectacular Grounds

The 5 mile stretch of pristine sandy beach, with no rocks and gradual incline, makes it ideal for swimming or surfing.

Spectacular Beach Property

Ideal large family home that has potential as an income property as some rooms have private entrances, locks, fridges, coffee makers and microwaves. This close to a half acre of property comes with direct title and is owned outright as opposed to being owned through a bank trust or concession. Owner will not provide leasing options or financial assistance. These homes could be sold separately

two houses located on the property, with a combined nine bedrooms and four bathrooms, are designed and built as close to USA standards as possible and in all cases have been over-built when compared with other homes constructed in the area. Each house has its own septic bed which have been upgraded in the past few years. There are two fresh water wells on the property as well as piped in city water and three outdoor showers for rinsing off beach sand.

The houses are concrete and block construction with suspended ceilings and are finished with ceramic tiles throughout for easy cleaning. All windows are PVC construction with sliders and screens.

The kitchen cabinetry was built by local craftsmen from exotic hardwood. All rooms have ceiling fan/light fixtures and A/C. The houses have been totally painted inside and out.

Both main houses have new (in 2016) galvanized steel supports and roofs that are insulated which has resulted in lower energy bills and increased comfort. Houses are now quieter and cooler.

The property includes a new two level rancho with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a new pizza oven and BBQ cooking area. Both of these have been a great additions to the property.

Asking Price for both $299,999 US